Big RED Short Game Swing Trainer

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The Big RED Short Game Swing Trainer is the ideal training aid to improve both your shots around the green including: chipping, pitching, and bunker shots as well as your full swing.

Length 76cm.


The problem with learning to hit great short game shots and full shots is that the club head on a golf club is so small, it’s hard to tell where the club face is at anytime during your swing.  You can’t see the club face and you can’t feel the club face, so how can you know where and what it is supposed to be doing because the club face is what you hit the ball with.  To hit great shots, you must know where your club face is at all times during the swing.

Enter the Big RED!  The Big RED features an over-sized club head that has some weight to it, so you can see and feel where the club face is at all times during your swing and short game shots.  In fact, Big RED’s club head wants to rotate back and through along the proper path based on simply physics.  As you start swinging Big RED back, the club face will start rotating along the path of least resistance, so Big RED is teaching you where the club head should be swinging at all times during the swing.  Big RED ensures you’ll make a perfect back swing every time.  Then, as you start the down swing with Big RED, the club face lags behind while you hold the angle of your wrists back until the point of the release, where as you straighten your right arm, Big RED’s club head releases squarely the club face up perfectly at impact and swinging through to a balanced finish every time.  Repetitions with Big RED will ingrain the proper muscle memory into your swing, so you can easily duplicate the same motion out onto the course to hit great shots time and time again!